Distressed Assets

Distressed Asset Advisory Group (“DAAG”) a division of Besen Partners that provides experienceand expertise to borrowers, lenders, opportunistic investors and others with respect to financially distressed mortgage and other loans within the capital stack on commercial properties. DAAG is run by Co-Partners Sanjay Gandhi and Stuart I. Rich, both seasoned professionals in dealing with distressed assets. DAAG provides strategic advice to lenders, receivers, special servicers, investors, and borrowers including but not limited to valuation, asset management, workout restructuring, recapitalization and disposition/sale services.

DAAG offers the following specialized services:

Loan Valuations

The expertise of our professionals includes loan valuations and a variety of related services. Our loan valuations include, market value estimate of the underlying collateral and cash flow models based on the collateral’s projected performance given current and future market conditions.

Loan Restructuring

DAAG offers advisory services for commercial real estate owners and lenders who need help dealing with the loan restructuring process. Our experienced team of professionals understand both the borrower and lender's needs and motivations in the restructuring process. Thus, DAAG is able to actively participate in and aid in negotiation successful loan modifications. Our role in successful negotiations have resulted in restructured loan terms, maturity dates, discounted payoffs, assumptions and complete recapitalizations.

Loan Sales

DAAG’s loan sale services utilize Besen’s entire platform and industry expertise to deliver the highest quality service for all types of lenders. DAAG is in regular contact with buyers and investors in troubled loans. Maintaining key relationships with the loan buying community enables DAAG to easily vet potential buyer response in advance of each loan offering and market the loan efficiently. Under any market conditions, DAAG is perfectly positioned to advise clients on maximizing recovery for performing, sub-performing and non-performing loans.