Elevated Exposure in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

By Samuel R. Finkler, Senior Director, National Investment Sales

Traditionally, when an owner of a property decided it was time to hire a broker, standard practice was to research companies that are located within reasonable proximity to the subject property. Their decision was typically based on factors including who has the most knowledge of the area, who has the largest track record of selling similar properties, and with whom do they have the best working relationship. I’m here to tell you that this approach has evolved.

Over the course of the past two decades, the real estate landscape has changed drastically. With the advent and implementation of modern-day technology, it is commonplace for the buyer willing to offer the highest price with the best terms to be based in a location that is completely different from the subject property – often times many miles away.

Given the vast amount of New York-based capital that is being invested into other markets across the country, my team & I were brought on board to expand Besen Partners’ geographical outreach and focus on selling properties nationwide. In 2023, there was over $20 billion of capital originated in the New York/New Jersey/Conn. tri-state area invested in multifamily properties nationwide.

The Besen Partners national team specializes in exposing properties listed for sale to the widest variety of buyers on both the local and national levels. This three-tiered approach includes the obvious players local to the subject property’s market, access to the vast amount of capital located in the New York/New Jersey/Conn. tri-state area, and a database of thousands of buyers located across the country. This strategy is designed to achieve sellers a suite of offers to choose from and ultimately guarantee that their property was sold for equal to or greater than its market value.

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