Marketing, Managing, and Making Business

This episode explores key philosophies and lessons learned from brokerage and CRE marketing with Ron Cohen, Chief Sales Officer at Besen Partners.

The Crexi Podcast explores various aspects of the commercial real estate industry in conversation with some of the top CRE professionals in the space. In each episode, we feature different guests to tap into their wealth of CRE expertise and explore the latest trends and updates from the world of commercial real estate.

In this episode, Crexi’s Ashley Kobovitch sits with Ron to deep-dive into his two-decade-long journey in the commercial real estate sector, explaining his transition from the advertising industry and the lessons he learned over time. They also cover valuable insights on the New York City market, the importance of maintaining client relationships, and advises on how to weather the uncertainties and challenging dynamics in the CRE market.  Their wide-ranging conversation includes:

  • Introduction and Guest Background
  • Ron’s Journey into Commercial Real Estate
  • Influential Mentors and Lessons Learned
  • The Importance of Client Communication and Trust
  • The Power of Persistence and One More Effort
  • Building a Successful Team at Besen Partners
  • Balancing Brokerage and Team Leadership
  • Training and Developing a High-Performing Team
  • Learning from Others and Classroom Training
  • State of the Market: An Overview
  • Challenges in the Commercial Real Estate Market
  • Impact of Black Swan Events on the Market
  • Asset Classes: Multifamily, Industrial, Office, and Hotel
  • Controversial Thoughts on the Current Market
  • Short-term and Long-term Market Outlook
  • Advising Clients through Current Economic Times
  • Rapid Fire Questions: Investment Strategies and Industry Misconceptions
  • And much more!


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