Anudeep Gosal

Senior Director, Hotel Advisory Group

Investment Sales

Investment Sales Advisor Anudeep Gosal leads Besen Partners, LLC’s Hotel Advisory Group. A hospitality expert with an international pedigree that includes working with top hotel groups in Dubai, India, and California, his focus is on investment sales of hospitality assets across the U.S.

Prior to joining Besen Partners, Anudeep was the Business Development and Overseas Sales Manager of Nuevo International, based in San Francisco. In addition, he has served as a Real Estate Investment Analyst for Oxford Group, based in Pune, India, and was an acquisitions consultant for Ternate Hospitality Group.

Anudeep graduated with honors from the Emirates Academy (in association with Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne), Dubai, U.A.E. in 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree. in International Hospitality & Business Management.


  • AHLA Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics by STR (CHIA)
  • Certification in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Analytics by STR (CAHTA)
  • Argus Software Certified




​The Unique World of New York’s Hospitality Scene

This episode dives into what makes New York City’s hospitality market an exciting investment market with Anudeep Gosal, Senior Director at Besen Partner’s Hotel Advisory Group.

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City’s Hotel Business Boosted by Migrant Crisis, Airbnb Ban

The hotel industry’s post-Covid revenue rebound has been a marker of success in the city’s pandemic recovery.

It also may be misleading.

The notable improvement in the hotel sector’s fortunes over the past year seems to have more to do with government interventions than any major market turnaround, say some.

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Mamta Kumar pays $15.3M to Vishal Patel for hotel on Staten Island

Mamta Kumar pays $15.3M to Vishal Patel for hotel on Staten Island

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How, Where And When NYC’s Hotel Industry Will Feel The Impacts Of New Airbnb Rules

The first week that New York City’s law severely restricting short-term rentals was in effect didn’t produce a higher-than-usual boost to hotel performance, according to early data, but hotel industry leaders expect that in the longer term, the ban will be a boon.

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Migrant Shelters, Bankruptcies Spell Good News For NYC Hotels That Hung On

The pandemic and its associated travel bans crushed hotels across the country, but the sector has come back in force thanks to a slew of positive fundamentals for the asset class.

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Balancing Act: NYC hotels balancing migrant housing and tourism

New York City’s hotel industry contends with a unique quandary in its post-pandemic resurgence. Over 140 city hotels are doubling as migrant accommodations, especially in the certain neighborhoods in the boroughs. This is limiting inventory availability and inadvertently boosting property values.

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Anudeep Gosal – Featured In NYREJ Ones to Watch Spotlight

All of my current projects involve hotels that have been destabilized by the pandemic, working to create and uncover value that can help restore and reorganize the capital stack from debt to equity for both owners and investors.

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Hospitality: State of New York City Hotel Market

We are presently witnessing the longest uninterrupted economic growth in modern history, with the hotel industry now 114 months into an expansion cycle. There are growing concerns of geopolitical issues […]

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Hotel Business: Besen Partners Marketing Two Hotels for Sale in Queens, NY

Besen Partners Hotel Advisory Group has been awarded the exclusive agency for the sale of two newly constructed limited-service hotels in Rockaway, NY: a Best Western and a Wingate by Wyndham. Completed in 2018 and opened for occupancy in September 2019, the two semi-attached assets encompass 53,858 sq. ft., with a total of 146 rooms.

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