Sanjay Gandhi

Senior Managing Director

Property Management

Sanjay Gandhi heads the Distressed Asset Advisory Group, a special service unit to provide expertise to lenders for commercial property in financial distress.

Sanjay joined Besen Partners as an Asset Manager in 2003 where he has managed property of various classes including that of multi-family, commercial and mixed-use. His experience also includes management of commercial property in receivership, for which he presently has appointments. His in-depth understanding of DHCR guidelines, Rent Stabilization laws and financial analysis enable him to understand assets from an operations standpoint and to identify ways to increase revenue and value. Sanjay manages client relationships for NYCM and spearheads pre- and post-contract due diligence on acquisition of assets.

Prior to joining Besen Partners, Sanjay was a Co-Founder of S.H.P.L, a company marketing luxury home & hotel products based in India. Sanjay was responsible for Business Development & Marketing, leading the company’s growth from a single employee start-up to a 60-employee firm with three offices across Asia.

Sanjay has served as an Adjunct Professor at New York University since January 2003, where he teaches Entrepreneurship and Marketing.


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