City’s Hotel Business Boosted by Migrant Crisis, Airbnb Ban

The hotel industry’s post-Covid revenue rebound has been a marker of success in the city’s pandemic recovery. It also may be misleading. The notable improvement in the hotel sector’s fortunes over the past year seems to have more to do with government interventions than any major market turnaround, say some.

Westfair Business Journals: $450M 1,400-unit development at Harriman train station resurfaces

A massive development project in the Village of Woodbury that also would encompass a section of Harriman has been put back into the spotlight after a hiatus. The project, known as The Gardens at Harriman, has been valued at approximately $450 million and would involve the creation of apprximately 1,400 housing units along with approximately 300,000 square feet of retail space, office space, indoor recreation, restaurants, bars and personal service establishments.

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